Mathias Strecker lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Since his youth, he has been engaging himself with music, painting, graphic design, and photography. As a musician, he was involved with various jazz, funk and punk bands. Since 1999, he has been working as a designer and art director in his own studio, since 2015 increasingly as a visual artist. The focus of his work is in the areas of abstraction, geometry, and minimalism.

Mathias Strecker utilizes both analogue and digital techniques to create powerful variations of shape, color, and structure. Rhythm and balance are the artistic elements that characterize his works. He masterfully provides a visual framework in which to experiment, while playfully and powerfully improvising variations on the initial theme.

The results appear stunningly simple and straight, while, at the same time, they evoke fascinating feelings of suspense. This work is certainly more about asking questions than it is about giving answers.

Selected works by Mathias Strecker are available at the online shop and on Saatchi Art.